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The Need for Global Leadership Coaches

Global Leaders are increasingly required to see the world's challenges as opportunities, think with a global mindset, act with global-centric leadership behaviors, and mobilize a world-class, culturally diverse team. Global leadership coaching helps leaders to thrive in the global economy by identifying gaps in their competencies, increasing personal awareness, and empowering behavioral change through specific action plans.

“When I'm asked to evaluate a leader's capacity to lead, I ask myself this question: Are people following this person because of their title or because of their ideas? This question is easily answered regarding Rachel. Her ideas are frequently imaginative and compelling. She trusts her natural curiosity and storytelling abilities to communicate a vision which is difficult to resist."

Bob Dickman, Founder of FirstVoice

Global Leadership Coaches helps aspiring global leaders articulate their needs through a series of powerful and purposeful conversations. We then help them build specific action plans to achieve their goals by customizing a coaching process focused on each leader's current global challenges and opportunities.