How We Think

The Perspective of the Global Coach

Coaches must have a multicultural and multipersonal orientation, understanding both themselves and those they coach, comprehending the context of all participants, including their organizational and cultural connections, and providing a path to personal growth that will result in global leadership.

The Process of Change

Coaches bring about change through concentrated listening, thoughtful questions, and helpful growth techniques.

The Viewpoint of the Leader

Leaders must want to revitalize themselves, being willing to increase their self-awareness, to practice diligently new patterns of behavior, and to think cross-culturally both locally and globally. Our Standard of Practice We ascribe to the International Coach Federation's Core Competencies.

Reading for Global Leaders

leadership from inside out

from Inside Out

Kevin Cashman

the extraordinary leader

The Extraordinary Leader
John H. Zenger and Joseph Folkman

developing global leaders

Developing Global Leaders
Robert J. Kramer

global leadership

Global Leadership
Marshall Goldsmith, Cathy Greenberg, Maya Hu-Chan, and Alastair Robertson

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